Blue Cat’s Destructor – Now Available!

We are happy to finally unleash today Blue Cat’s Destructor, our tone shaping channel strip and distortion modeling plug-in, capable of simulating many types of distortion, as well as more subtle and clean tones.

The plug-in is now available for purchase with 20% off until 11/11, while existing customers get an extra 10% discount during the same period (check your email!).

More details about the plug-in and demo downloads can be found on the Destructor plug-in page.

You may also want to check out these first two guitar-centric reviews of the plug-in. But don’t get it wrong: this plug-ins has a wide range of applications besides guitar and bass amp simulation, as shown in this full plug-in review by Audiofanzine (French), with many audio examples.

Check out the demo and tell us what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Blue Cat’s Destructor – Now Available!

  1. blue cats free pack never worked on pro tools after looking at contact and support and your free stuff dosent work,i have to think sales are bit slow good luck,n.i uvi never worked yet I own all toontrack/autria/a.i.r/i.k and there stuff works,i stop with the free pack,it keeps people like me from ever buyen a blue cat product

    1. Sales are good thanks. Can you maybe tell us what the problem with the free plug-ins is? I don’t think support ever received an email from you, so I am afraid there is no way for us to help.

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