OS X El Capitan Up and Running

The latest version of Mac OS X, “El Capitan” is up and running at Blue Cat Audio.

So far, so good, all plug-ins and standalone application are running smoothly, without a glitch (including Audio Units in Logic Pro X).

While the update is probably not recommended for all (check that you host applications and audio interface drivers are compatible for example), your Blue Cat Audio plug-ins should not be a problem!

What about you? Have you migrated yet? What’s the story so far?

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2 thoughts on “OS X El Capitan Up and Running

  1. Do not update to El Capitan yet. A very large portion of third party plugins will stop functioning. I’ve been getting warnings from every plugin manufacturers products that I own. UA, Arturia, Slate Digital, Native Instruments and many others.

    1. There are indeed a couple of issues with some third party plug-ins or applications, but as far as Blue Cat Audio is concerned, everything have been running well so far (customer feedback appreciated, though – to make sure it runs fine on many other configurations).

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