Announcing New Plug-Ins @ NAMM 2020

It’s not one, but three new plug-ins, AND an update for Axiom that we are showing this year at NAMM… Check this out!

Blue Cat’s AcouFiend

Meet Blue Cat’s AcouFiend, our acoustic feedback simulation plug-in, with more than a trick up its sleeve… Read more about it here!

Blue Cat’s Re-Head

Our second new plug-in to be released later this quarter is Blue Cat’s Re-Head, a “head response” simulation plug-in to help you get a more natural tone when working on headphones. Full details are available on the Re-Head plug-in page.

Blue Cat’s Hot Tuna

The third new plug-in is Blue Cat’s Hot Tuna, a simple yet powerful high precision tuner, with user-selectable reference frequency and dimming/muting capabilities.

It will be included in the next Axiom update and also available separately as an independent plug-in.

Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.4

Last but not least, Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.4 free update will include the new Hot Tuna plug-in as well as a new “stomp box” graphical user interface for all the other 42 built-in plug-ins – that’s a pretty big pedal board inside the box!

Join us this week at NAMM on booth #16300 (ACC North) to try the new software! It is expected to be officially released later this quarter. Keep connected!

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