Blue Cat’s Axiom 1.32 Review

Want to know what’s new in Axiom 1.32? Watch this detailed review of this new free update!

In this video review, let’s find out the latest news included with new update 1.32 of AXIOM by Blue Cat Audio’s latest version. BLUE CAT AXIOM is a powerful multiprocessor for guitar and bass, with many features to manage our sound. It includes more than 40 effects, amplifier simulations, and above all a fantastic internal plugin that allows us to modify the sound of our pickups, so for example by playing single coil pickups we can get the sound of humbacker pickups The new version 1.32 is released few days ago, even if these days at NAMM version 1.4 will be presented. The presets available are many and already excellent to find the sound we like best, also with the new version it was improved the panel (browse) for finding presets, in fact it is much more convenient.

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