PatchWork 2.2 New Built-In Effects: HARMONIZER, REVERB, WAH

Did you know that PatchWork can not only load third party plug-ins but is also packed with built-in effects? This video showcases three of them, recently added to the huge list of built-in plug-ins already available. Check it out!

It is quite safe to say that Blue Cat’s PatchWork is the standard in third party VST hosting for Pro Tools, but what some people don’t know is that it also includes a good number of built-in high quality effects like the ones just included in v.2.2…

  • REVERB is a simple digital reverb capable of producing surprisingly natural ambients, for example as a complement to guitar amp sims.
  • WAH follows the philosophy of DESTRUCTOR and AXIOM and allows you to look into the process that occurs in the background.
  • HARMONIZER in its initial position reduces the volume of the DRY signal in half to avoid overloading when the other two voices are added […]

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