Audio Effects Plug-Ins For Ambient Guitar Inspiration

The ambient guitar style heavily relies on effects: volume swells, delays, shimmer reverbs, drones…

There’s never enough plug-ins or pedals to discover new tones and expand your horizons, because tone is a great source of inspiration!

Check out these ambient guitar video examples, and see if you get inspired too!

An Ambient Guitar Tutorial for Axiom, by Chords of Orion

See what happens when Chords of Orion discovers Blue Cat’s Axiom

Lead Tone Swell and Shimmer Effect

Manual volume swell is a common trick used for ambient guitar, either using the volume pot on the guitar, or with a volume pedal.

Auto Swell and Drone

Instead of manual volume swells, you can use an auto swell effect to free your mind and just play!

Lead Tone & Background Drone

The background drone here is automatically generated by a Late Replies reverb-ish preset. It follows the harmonies of the lead tone.

Clean Tone and Harmonized Echoes

Who said you cannot play ambient guitar with clean tones?

Ambient Guitar Meditation, by Chords Of Orion

Some more ambient music with a clean guitar tone.

Shimmer Harmonies Effect

You can also let the effects almost play for you, using delayed harmonies!


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