Acoustic Guitar Tone With an Electric Guitar? Marcos Mena’s “Boba Date”

For this solo guitar chill version of “Boba Date”, an original song from his band “Standards”, Marcos Mena wanted an acoustic guitar tone, while still playing his usual electric guitar.

This was made possible by using the Re-Guitar plug-in that he discovered when we met at the NAMM Show earlier this year. Together with the Axiom effects processor he transformed his Yamaha solid body into an acoustic guitar and added a little bit of reverb to it. Check it out!

As a comparison, you can listen to the original full-band song on electric guitar and with drums here. Quite different, isn’t it?

Want to know more about Marcos Mena? Check him out and his band (“Standards”) on Instagram or YouTube! He is also the author of educational guitar workbooks available on his website

Marcos Mena trying out Axiom and Re-Guitar on the Blue Cat Audio booth at NAMM 2019

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