Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.0 Multiband Plug-In Released

We are happy to announce Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.0, a fully redesigned version of our multiband processing plug-in, now including multiband VST hosting capabilities!

In addition to the ability to host up to 4 VST plug-ins per band, the plug-in has now a brand new modular user interface, with lots of new features and enhancements: a spectrogram display, a new presets manager, multiple display sizes, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and much more… You can check our overview video of the plug-in for more details:

If the plug-in is not part of your audio toolbox yet, please download and try the demo: Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.0 and the related bundles are available with 20% off until September 30th!

The upgrade is free for users who have purchased the plug-in in the past 2 months, and others will receive an offer by email to upgrade for 19 EUR or $25 only (80% off).

Additional discounts apply to other existing Blue Cat Audio customers, so please check your emails!

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