Plug’n Script 1.1: What’s New?

We are happy to unleash Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 1.1 today, with a couple of improvements and fixes for this new scripting plug-in.

Let’s have a look at the main improvements brought into this new release!

MIDI FX Support for Logic Pro X

Write and use your own MIDI FX inside Logic Pro X
Write and use your own MIDI FX in Logic Pro X

The plug-in can now be loaded as a MIDI FX in Logic Pro X. Don’t know what a MIDI FX is? This is a new feature introduced with Logic Pro X that lets you apply MIDI effects directly on instrument tracks, without having to build your own environment.

To check this out, simply add an instrument track in Logic, and look at the “MIDI FX” slot right above the instrument. Click on it and choose the new Plug’n Script MFX Audio Unit under “Blue Cat Audio”. You are now ready to use our included MIDI effect scripts or write your own, right into your favorite DAW!

New Controls

The built-in skin now includes new types of controls: first, parameters that can take only two values (as defined in scripts) will now be controlled with a switch, instead of a knob:

New Switch Control A drop down menu is also available for parameters with discrete values: simply click on the parameter value below its name to choose directly from the list:

Drop Down List ControlAlso, remember that you can write your own skins for your scripts!

New Scripts and Presets

We have added two new factory scripts (with presets): the new wave file player and wave file recorder et you record and play audio files directly from the plug-in!

Additions for Script Writers

We have added a couple of new features for script writers and developers:

  • Scripts can now read and write files thanks to the angelscript file add-on. The path of the current script file as well as the user’s documents directory are also available in the script.
  • In addition to parameters, scripts can now also use strings as user input:

New String Input

  • New WaveFile utilities have been added to the library to help you read and write audio wave files.

Most of these new features are demonstrated in the new wave file player and wave file recorder scripts included in the plug-in. Feel free to use them to write your own!

Share your Scripts and Show your Skills!

DSP Scripts now on GitHubA scripts repository has been created in GitHub to help you share your scripts with the community. All factory scripts are included for reference.

This is not the place to share the scripts with “simple” users (scripts and presets for everyone belong to our download section), but that’s where you can learn from others and show your development skills!

MusicalEntropy has already committed several interesting scripts that you will want to try!


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