How To Make A VST, Audio Unit or AAX Plug-In, In 20 Minutes!

Have you ever wondered how you could create your own audio or MIDI plug-ins, without headaches, deep knowledge of C, C++, compilers and linker errors?

Ilya Orlov (also known as Letimix on YouTube), developer and creator of fantastic tools for Plug’n Script, explains you everything you need to know to get started with Plug’n Script and create your own plug-in easily.

Within 20 minutes, with these two video tutorials, you should be able to write your first dsp scripts and export a plug-in of your own, check them out!

Looking for more more in-depth tutorials and tips and tricks to write your own plug-ins? Please visit the Letimix Plug’n Script page: it is great source of information for audio plug-ins development!

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2 thoughts on “How To Make A VST, Audio Unit or AAX Plug-In, In 20 Minutes!

  1. This is cool for people who don’t know or want to learn iPlug/Juce, and still want to write and hopefully distribute their plugins.

    Now, distributing/sharing plugins is not mentioned anywhere, and that’s a big part of writing them in the first place.
    How can people publish plugins written on this platform, so that everyone else can use them?

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