Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer (Multiband Matrix) Explained

In a few words The MB-7 Mixer is a mechanism that separates the signal into multiple frequency bands and allows you to add the process you want to each band without rules. The signal can be divided from 2 to 7 different bands without degradation. Each band offers independent volume control, pan control and stereo spread. All this allows to use MB-7 as an EQ, a non-resonant filter, a multi-band stereo image control for mastering and a creative panning effect for instruments[…].


Maybe the most useful feature of this plug is its ability to host third party plugins allowing adding different processes to each frequency area of the spectrum. For example, suppose we want to add some interest and movement to the high frequency zone of this mix where the hi-hats and the arpeggiated synth are. For this we can insert Waves Brauer Motion in the high band and move the crossover until the auto panning effect stops affecting the snare. Pay attention to the hi-hat and the brightest area of the mix while we bypass the plug. Also note how the bass and the rest of the mix remain unaffected.

Don’t own the plug-in yet? Download the demo version and try it out by yourself!

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