Henny Pauly Explores Virtual Pickup Replacement & Morphing With Re-Guitar

Today Henning Pauly explores the Re-Guitar plug-in and its ability to change guitar pickups and even morph between them (like tone maps). Check out the full review in video below.

“What if you have one guitar and need a bit more Humbucker for a song… or a P90, but your guitar doesn’t have one? This software from Blue Cat Audio aims to simulate different pickups…  […] This is cool, this is actually more than I expected” – Henning Pauly.

Note: during his tests with acoustic guitar simulations, Henning forgot to disable the amp simulation, so what you hear is an acoustic guitar tone going thru an electric guitar amp… Not a great tone for sure! This is not representative of what you can get out of Re-Guitar. Check out this demo instead for example.

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