Remote Rehearsal With Fader Hub – 700km Apart

Remote Rehearsal with Fader Hub: I Was Made For Loving You by Riff Wave

It is really nice to see professional musicians use our software to help them do their job! It is especially true for brand new software such as Fader Hub.

The problem: Tanguy Kerleroux lives in Caen 700km (435 Miles) away from his bass player Alexandre Carruana who is in Lyon and they need to rehearse before an upcoming concert of their band called Riff Wave (YouTube channel).

The solution: Fader Hub to the rescue! It lets musicians connect together through the Internet from remote locations and play in real time, with minimal latency. Check out the video recorded during the rehearsal.

If you want to do the same, check our full tutorial in this article.

Playing Remotely with Fader Hub

The two musicians were able to rehearse properly from their respective homes and the concert went great! Thanks for the fiber optic high speed Internet connection, the latency between the two musicians is low enough to allow to play as if there were in the same room despite the 700km (435 miles) distance between them.

For a full tutorial on how to use Fader Hub for remote jamming over the Internet, check out this article.

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