Guitar Players Invasion At The Blue Cat Audio Secret Lab!

Guitar players (friendly) invasion at the Blue Cat Audio secret lab!

Thanks to The Guitar Channel (, our partner in crime for guitar related stuff, we welcomed a couple of six strings aficionados at our secret lab. It is always a pleasure to interact directly with musicians, especially for a business like ours which is done at 99% over the Internet.

We plugged many guitars and basses into Axiom (product page) to demonstrate what can be done with our software. Heck, we even plugged an amplified violin and guess what, it sounded awesome! Check out the video below.

Video clip of that day

Photo Album

Dolmen Effects ( a local builder of boutique pedals was also there. We had a lot of fun combining those hardware goodies with Axiom!

Special thanks to Pierre Journel from The Guitar Channel ( for organizing such events.

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