Blue Cat’s Axiom On Stage At Guit-Ar-Camp 2021

I was very lucky to be invited by the incredible Pat O’ May at his Guit-Ar-Camp (3rd Edition), and present our guitar software to a crowd of enthusiastic guitar players, between a couple of great master classes by Pat O’May himself, Norbert “Nono” Krief and Philippe Kalfon.

If they have not all sold they tube amps (yet), it looks like many guitarists have been convinced that using software to play on stage has definitely become a reality in 2021, and opens up a great deal of tonal possibilities!

I used a Mastermind GT MIDI pedalboard to control Axiom and its effects with the feet, and the audio interface was plugged both into two FRFR speakers (for a stereo sound on stage) and the front of house (for the public). The guitar is a PRS Modern Eagle III from 2010. It is ideal to demonstrate Re-Guitar, with its 3 mini-humbuckers that you can transform into any other type of pickup.

Worried about the reliability of a laptop on stage? That’s definitely not a problem: the Macbook Pro survived two evenings of crazy jam sessions, packed with guitarists playing heavy rock all night! 🙂

Many thanks to Pierre Journel from The Guitar Channel for the pictures during the presentation.

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