Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.1 Released with Many Workflow Improvements

New features in 2.1
New features in Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.1

We are happy to announce Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.1. This new release focuses on workflow and user interface improvements. We hope you’ll like it!

It mainly brings copy/paste capabilities, plug-ins layout restore, direct access to bypass and editor window, compatibility improvements and much more (full list below).

If you are using our “SB-1 Mixer” skin, please download the latest version to benefit from the new features.

For registered users, the update is free and the new version can be found at the same place as the previous one. Enjoy!

New features:

  • Bypass and display editor commands are now directly available from buttons in the plug-in slots.
  • Plug-ins editors can now be restored on open (position on screen is now saved in session and presets), with an option in the preferences to disable restoration.
  • Copy/paste plug-ins between slots using the system clipboard (you can copy paste between instances, or in different applications).
  • Copy/paste the plug-in’s current state from the presets menu using the system clipboard.
  • “Center Plug-in Editor” command to bring back plug-ins editors that may be lost on the screen.
  • Improved support for plug-ins with multiple I/O configurations (the number of channels is now passed to the plug-ins).
  • (Mac) Inserted plug-ins window do not follow the MB-7 Mixer window anymore.
  • (Mac) plug-in version number is now available when using “Get Info” in the Finder.


  • (Mac) RTAS version could cause some GUI issues in Pro Tools with some plug-ins (blank windows).
  • (Mac) About window does not show up first in the corner of the screen.
  • (Win) Alt-Click on a control now resets the value to default in Pro Tools, as expected.

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