Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.7 Is Here, Bringing Audio Connectivity to a New Level!

Blue Cat's PatchWork Host Application

patchwork scWe are very excited to announce the release of Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.7, bringing incredibly flexible audio routing for your plug-ins chains.

With up to 16 I/O channels for the standalone application, external sidechain input for the effect and auxiliary outputs for the instrument, the external connection capabilities of this new version have been brought to a new level.

“With great power comes great responsibility”, so this new release also adds new internal audio routing features: you can now select the I/O channels used for each plug-in! Simply create aux sends, process individual channels separately or apply effects the sidechain signal, without having to manage cables!

External Side Chain and Auxiliary Outputs

PatchWork Multi Out
Aux busses routing in Pro Tools

The plug-in now provides an external side chain input and up to 14 aux channels as auxiliary busses in most host applications.

It means that VST or AU plug-ins with a side chain input hosted inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork  can now receive the side chain signal directly from the host application.

Also, You can now use the auxiliary outputs of virtual instruments as if they were directly hosted by the host application.

Audio I/O Routing

Selecting audio i/o for each plug-in

All these new external connection capabilities get even more interesting when you look at the new internal audio routing features added in this new version.

It is indeed now possible to configure which channels are used as audio I/O for each plug-in hosted in the matrix.


For example, you can now:

  • Route any of the outputs of an instrument to any aux output of the PatchWork plug-in or application.
  • Apply effects to a subset of audio channels (for example to apply multi -mono effects on stereo or surround tracks, or apply different effects to different aux outputs for an instrument).
  • Create sends from a channel to another (re-routing a processed signal to another aux output for example, while the dry signal is kept on the current channels).
  • Reorder audio channels.
  • Apply effects to the side chain bus, or use any audio channel as a side chain.

Latency is of course compensated on unprocessed channels (if you apply for example a mono plug-in with latency only on the left channel, the right channel will be delayed accordingly).

Standalone Application With Up to 16 Audio I/O

Many of you have been asking for more channels for the standalone application to achieve more complex tasks in a live context. Here you go!

patchwork -multiconfig
Multiple Audio I/O configurations for the Standalone Application

It now has up to 16 audio inputs and outputs. You can also select your favorite channels layout, with side chain or aux outputs configurations, just like with the plug-in.

And More…

This new version also includes a couple of fixes and enhancements, so it is highly recommended to install the update!


4 thoughts on “Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.7 Is Here, Bringing Audio Connectivity to a New Level!

  1. Hi Guys,

    after fiddling with it – the new audio routing facilities are really cool and useful features of which we waited / hoped for (i.e. for my Access Virus TI while Access is not able to provide an AAX for their flagship ’til2day…). Very cool that you brought out these with 1.7 on my birthday after i made a feature request for it to you (assume this was a random, but a nice birthday present for me ±ß) and i hope that others will recognize the many new possibilities and flexibility PatchWork has to offer more with this new functionality.

    This is customer support on his best level.

    Just THANX!


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