The Truth about RTAS / AAX 32 and AAX 64 Compatibility for Pro Tools

So, despite our complete description of Pro Tools versions and plug-in formats you are still wondering how this all works and which one you should choose?

This post will try to help you pick up the right one and get the best out of your own Pro Tools install.

Full Compatibility

First, AVID has made it possible to make the same plug-in fully compatible between all these formats. We have made sure that our plug-ins are made in such a way that you can switch between plug-in formats anytime, back and forth.

Note: did you know that our plug-ins’ presets are even compatible with the VST, Audio Unit and DirectX versions of the same plug-in?

What does this mean?

You can simply create a Pro Tools Session with the RTAS or AAX version installed, save it, reopen it later with the other format installed etc. The plug-ins states saved in session, the automation lanes, MIDI assignments etc. are fully compatible!

It also means that your projects created with Pro Tools 9, 10 or even earlier that use our plug-ins can still be opened in Pro Tools 11, as far as our plug-ins are concerned.

Note: this applies only if you are using a plug-in with the same major version number in both formats. For example Blue Cat’s Chorus 3.x and 4.x plug-ins are not compatible.

Which format should I choose?

Simply follow our compatibility guide. If you are using Pro Tools 10, you have the choice between AAX and RTAS. If you are using earlier versions of Pro Tools at the same time, you can use the RTAS version. If not, you can simply use the AAX versions, so that you are ready for Pro Tools 11!

Note that on Windows, there are two separate installers for 32 and 64-bit AAX. The “Win x64” installers are for Pro Tools 11 only.

What About Blue Cat Audio Plug-Ins that are not AAX 64-bit yet?

[EDIT] They are currently being ported to the 64-bit AAX platform as well. Coming soon!

These plug-ins are currently being rewritten to include lots of new features and enhancements. 64-bit AAX versions are likely to be released as new major versions, incompatible with previous versions (installed as new plug-ins, side by side with existing versions).

It means that sessions created with the current versions of these plug-ins will not be compatible with these new releases. So you may have to keep Pro Tools 10 and the old versions of the plug-ins to continue working on them.

3 thoughts on “The Truth about RTAS / AAX 32 and AAX 64 Compatibility for Pro Tools

  1. Incase it’s not got all this ☝️ ☝️ way up there!! I’m looking for the Patchwork Win x32 RTAS download version. It’s in the compatible version list, but not in the download options. I’m on PT 8 MP, Win 7 x64.

    1. RTAS support has been removed in v2.51, back in 2021, because it has been deprecated by AVID around a decade ago and it is not possible to build it anymore. You can still download it from the archives if you have purchased PatchWork, but there is no demo available, as it is not officially supported anymore.

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