Save Favorite Plug-Ins and Settings & Reload From Menu

Did you know that with PatchWork V2 and MB-7 Mixer V3 you can save your favorite plug-ins (and their entire configuration) to reload them directly from the plug-in menu?

Here is how you can do it!

Save Plug-In and its Settings

Once you have loaded a plug-in and configured it the way you like it, choose Save As from the plug-in menu:


Choose the name that describes the plug-in and its settings properly (in our example we choose “BC Destructor – Clean”, as it is our favorite clean sound with Blue Cat’s Destructor.

Reload Plug-In From Menu

Next time you want to load this configuration, just use the Select menu – no need to manually load the plug-in and set it up again:

Tip: you can create sub-folders when saving the file. This lets you keep things organized, as the directory structure is shown in the Select menu.

One more tip: you can save the same plug-in with different settings in a sub-folder. No need to bother with plug-in presets anymore, as you can load them directly from the menu with a single click!


2 thoughts on “Save Favorite Plug-Ins and Settings & Reload From Menu

  1. Is there a way to save the presets to a folder visible to audiosuite? that way we choose the plugin by its name instead of open bluecat first and look for saved presets..

    1. I guess you can simply save AUPresets of the PatchWork session inside your DAW of choice so that they are directly available from there.

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