How To Trigger Guitar Feedback With A Foot Switch

What if you could trigger guitar feedback instantly with a footswitch on stage or in the studio? Meet Blue Cat’s AcouFiend, the acoustic feedback simulator plug-in, that can be easily controlled via MIDI or automation!

Foot Controlled Feedback Demo

MIDI Setup

In the video above, the Keith McMillen’s SoftStep 2 MIDI controller is setup as a momentary switch, and triggers a MIDI CC message with value 127 while foot is down, and a value of 0 when the foot is not on the switch.

The AcouFiend plug-in‘s main activation parameter (in the middle of the speaker) is assigned to this very MIDI CC number (using the gear icon and MIDI learn):

Anytime you press the controller, virtual acoustic feedback is triggered, and then cancelled when you remove the foot. You can of course adjust the in and out speed to your liking.

Any MIDI foot controller can do the job (momentary switch option recommended, as it is much more convenient).



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