Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer: Everything You Need To Know

Here is a comprehensive review and tutorial video by Benoni Studio. He tells you all about the MB-7 Mixer plug-in!

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer is a multi-band plugin that gives you total control over the spectrum of your tracks. Use FX/plugins on certain frequency ranges, but not on others, pan, and adjust the level of each band separately, and much more.


In this video we’ll go over everything you need to know about MB-7. We’ll go over the controls, and then have several demos with ideas on how to use it.


With MB-7 you can host built-in plugins or VSTs on a PER BAND basis. That means you can put a delay on ONLY the top end of your vocal track, and a reverb on ONLY the low end. Or even use two different delays on different bands like we do in the video by using two Blue Cat Audio Late Replies delay plugins within MB-7. One on the mid-range and one (with different settings) on the top end.


Use it as a multi-band compressor, except you will be able to choose different compressors for EACH BAND, resulting in NEVER BEFORE HEARD compression types. And since you can host VSTs (and AU on Mac) you can use all of your favorite compressor plugins within MB-7 on a per band basis.


And you could get creative! Try splitting a guitar tracks into 2-3 bands and use different amp plugins on EACH BAND! This will result in completely UNIQUE amp tones that would simply NOT be possible by loading plugins in the normal manner.

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