How To Download Next Release Previews?

download_logoDid you know that previews of the next releases for most our software is often available on

As a registered customer, if you want to get early access to new features and fixes, it is very easy!

Open Your Registration Email

You received an email with download and registration information upon purchase. Just follow the download link to go to the full version download page:

Check the “Next Release Preview Link” On the Download Page

If a preview is available for your software, you will notice the “Next Release Preview” paragraph below the latest version links:

Just click on the download link to access the preview!

So Is This Just A Beta Version?

We prefer to call these these early versions¬† “previews”, as they have usually been tested quite a bit, and unless specified in the preview notes, they should be very stable.

Usually, a preview has not been “officially” released yet, simply because we want to add more features, or the GUI design is not complete, or the user manual or product description has not been updated yet etc.

Of course your feedback on previews is welcome! It’s a great opportunity for you to express yourself on new features (and get heard!) before they are finalized.


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13 thoughts on “How To Download Next Release Previews?

  1. Just downloaded the new patchwork and it is FAST! I’m on a Mac Pro Trashcan 12 core,128GB Ram, 2TB NVME Drive, and the performance is way up, also like to say
    tailspill over is great! And the preset browser seem more useful, as well as show all editors, and controllers …very impressive update

  2. Hello, I have just been trying out the next version preview of bluecoat patchwork. I cannot get the multicore feature to work. I have multiple parallel chains active but it is not spreading across any of the 12 cores I have. In fact when I click the multi core option in patchwork the cpu usage goes up by 25% on the single core.

    Mac OS X – 10.14.6
    Logic Pro X – 10.5.1

    1. Spreading on multiple cores efficiency depends on how the host application works and also on how processors are spread across parallel chains. Fell free to get back to us by email to share more information about your PatchWork session in Logic to have a better idea of what is going on.

  3. I use Bluecats Patchwork, the Fender amp and the chorus and the EQ, but when I launch the Patchwork it takes an eternity for it to start. It works fine though. I have a Macbook Pro 2019 Mojave 10.14.6. Any explanation ? Nils from Norway

  4. Please create some kind of unified installer.
    As someone who owns / uses multiple Blue Cat plugins – having to use separate links to download the the installers then individually install them is a major pain that I don’t have to go through when installing / updating my plugins from other developers.

  5. It would be great if you guys would start user accounts. The “You have to keep track of your registration email” thing really puts you behind other quality companies.

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