Dynamic Latency Compensation in Cubase and Nuendo

When using Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer with audio plug-ins that add latency to the signal (for example plug-ins that run on specific DSP chips), our plug-ins dynamically report latency changes to the host application.

However, Cubase is not able to detect such changes, so if you do nothing after inserting a plug-in with latency, you will experience phase cancellation or hear echo between your tracks (it will just sound weird…).

in order to force Cubase to reset its latency compensation engine with the new latency, you just need to click twice on the plug-in activation button at the top left of the plug-in window:


This will deactivate and re-activate the plug-in, which updates the latency of the plug-in in Cubase. You should not have to do this again until you add or remove a plug-in that modifies the latency of the chain inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork or MB-7 Mixer.

This may also apply to some other host applications using the VST plug-in format, even though it is not necessary in many of them.

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