Happy New Year – Blue Cat’s PatchWork Update

We wish you all a happy new year! To celebrate 2015, we are happy to announce a new version of Blue Cat’s PatchWork (free update for existing customers). So what’s new with this new release?

New “Light Blue” Theme Skin

If you prefer lower contrast and light colors, you will love this new theme! We have created a completely redesigned theme for this alternate skin, now included in the plug-in. light_theme Fast and Easy Skins Selection Selecting alternate skins has been greatly improved in this version: no need to browse your computer and manually open the skin files anymore: skins are now listed in the plug-in menu: skin-select This is also true for user skins. For example, you install the excellent alternate skins by satYaTunes in the Skins directory (/Users/[USERNAME]/Documents/Blue Cat Audio/Blue Cat’s PatchWorks/Skins/ on Mac, or C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Blue Cat Audio\Blue Cat’s PatchWork\Skins on Windows Vista and newer): user-skins These skins will also be available from the same menu: satyatunes-user-skinsOne-Click Global Skin Management Once the skin has been selected, it will be used only for the current preset/session. It can be made the default with a single click, in the skins menu: global-skin All your instances of the plug-in will now use this global skin, unless a preset skin has been loaded: the ‘global’ skin is the skin loaded by default if no preset skin has been defined.

192 kHz Support Added to Standalone Application

The standalone application now supports 192kHz sample rate (if your audio interface supports it): samplerate This new release also fixes an issue with the MIDI Effect version of the Audio Unit plug-in that did not process MIDI events properly with the previous update. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Blue Cat’s PatchWork Update

  1. I really enjoyed using Bluecat patchwork. But there’s one thing major that disappointed me after I purchased it, and I totally didn’t think it wouldn’t exist, because it’s an essential part of mixing in the music industry for engineers. Bluecat patchwork doesn’t have ” SIDECHAINING” available. While starting my mix session, I got so far in mixing, and when I was ready for sidechaining, it took me hours to discover that you guys didn’t make this feature in it. I really could not believe it,,, due to the fact that it’s a must for engineers to have that feature. I soon realize that I couldn’t use it anymore in Pro Tools 11 after purchasing it. I’m really hurt about this,,,,,,, it was a waste of money spent for me. But still, I really like what it does,,,,,,, just can’t use it in Pro Tools 11 because I need sidechaining abilities. Thank you for keeping me updated,,,,,,, and I’m really hoping the next update will have sidechain features,,,,,,, Thanks again.

    1. This is indeed one of the features at the top of our todo list. It is not as simple as it may seem in the first place, that’s why it was not implemented right away.

  2. Hi Darren, isn’t it too early to throw Patchwork away?

    You can still (or in the meantime) use MidiCCs for sidechain functionality. Not as common/comfortable as we’re used to, but it should work for most of the tasks.

    Other than that I’d appreciate ‘true’ sidechaining in PW, too. 🙂

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