Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer 2.02: Support for VST Shell Plug-Ins is Here!

We are happy to announce a new update of Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer V2. This new release adds VST shell plug-ins support, as announced yesterday.

What is a VST Shell Plug-In?

It is a plug-in that acts as a container and includes several VST plug-ins. That’s why it required additional developments to be supported: you need to be able to choose which plug-in to create within the bundle.

Are there Many?

Not many companies have been using this capability of the VST standard over the years, but some eventually delivered all their plug-ins using this feature. That’s the reason why many of you asked and now got it…

Where do I get the Update?

If you already purchased the plug-in, go back to the download page you received by email: it’s here (you may have to refresh the page in your web browser). If you do not own the plug-in, just download the demo! If you downloaded a cracked version… That’s too bad, it’s not available for you!


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