Golden Sidechain Trick With Blue Cat MB-5 Dynamix

Did you know that the MB-5 Dynamix plug-in offers unique cross-band side chaining capabilities? Here is a tutorial that shows how it works, and how you can use it to do side chain compression on a full mix when you do not have individual tracks available.

Blue Cat MB-5 Dynamix is capable of becoming any type of compressor that we have ever seen or reviewed here. Expansion, Low Level, Limiting, Sidechain

But today we want to show you something that is new to us and we think is the most unique and useful feature of this plugin: Trigger sidechain from one band to another.


In this mix the keyboards are static in the same chord and have no movement, so we want to use the Kick to pump in an area where the keyboards without affecting much other instruments. This could easily be done with normal Sidechain but in our example we only have a stereo file to work with.

From our own experience we can say that this trick should prove itself useful for producers who work with artists who buy their beats already mixed online, a very popular procedure in the hip hop community.

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