Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.4 – with MIDI and Parallel Chains Improvements

Already announced some time ago, Blue Cat’s PatchWork 1.4 is now ready for download!

Including MIDI channel filtering for hosted Audio Unit or VST plug-ins, parallel processing chains improvements (selectable summing mode and solo buttons), and several compatibility improvements on Mac, this free update is definitely recommended! Full change list is available on the plug-in’s page.

Blue Cat's PatchWork 1.4 Preview

As usual, this update is free for existing customers and can be downloaded from the same page as the original full version.

MIDI Channel Filtering

MIDI events can now be filtered by channel when sent to sub-plug-ins. So it is now possible to control hosted effects or virtual instruments separately from the outside, using different MIDI channels.

Parallel Chains Improvements

The new version of the plug-in lets you choose if you want to use gain compensation or not when summing the parallel chains. This makes the plug-in more flexible when used with virtual instruments: the default mode (average) will compensate the gain increase when adding new parallel chains, which is very handy when applying effects in parallel (no gain change), but it can be annoying when adding and removing synths for comparison. So you can now use the new “sum” mode that will treat parallel chains as “standard” busses and will not compensate the gain increase/decrease when adding/removing chains.

It is even more useful now that all chains have a solo button: you can quickly compare parallel chains with a simple click with no gain change when using multiple synths.

“Sum” mode is also recommended when applying parallel dynamics effects that may have an impact on perceived loudness.


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