PatchWork + 32 Lives Bundle
"32-bit plug-ins reloaded!"
PatchWork + 32 Lives Bundle - 32 bit plug-ins reloaded

This bundle is not available anymore.

Mac OS X 10.7+32/64-bit Universal BinaryVSTAAXAudio Unit

For more information about the 2 products included in this bundle, see the list below.

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Blue Cat's PatchWork

Blue Cat's PatchWork - Fully Configurable Plug-Ins Chainer and Multi FX / Standalone Host or Plug-In"The virtual patchbay for audio plug-ins" - Blue Cat's PatchWork is a universal plug-ins patchbay and multi FX that can host up to 64 VST, VST3, Audio Unit or built-in plug-ins into any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in a single instance, with both serial and parallel routing options.

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Last updated: 2020/01/06

32 Lives, by SoundRadix

32 Lives, by SoundRadix32 LIVES is a transparent 32-bit to 64-bit Audio Units and VST plug-ins adapter which enables you to run your favorite 32-bit-only plug-ins, such as Vanguard, VB3 and TC PowerCore plug-ins, in your latest 64-bit DAW. There are no additional windows to open and no redundant routings to make. Your ...

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