Musicians Jamming Together Over The Internet

Ever since the Internet became a reality, the musicians dreamt about being able to play remotely. Until the advent of the High-Speed connections, it was not really feasible because the latency was way too high. In fact with a latency too high it is impossible to play in sync.

That’s why it is not really possible to play music over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, the latency is horrendous on such software. It is not really a problem if you just talk. Those who tried to play music using these kind of solutions know it’s not viable.

Now with our Connector plug-in (product page) and a good fiber optic Internet connection, it is possible to jam hundred miles away from each other!

250 miles remote jamming between Paris and Brittany

In the video below, you are going to see a 1min jam recorded between Paris and Brittany. There is about 250 miles (or 400 Km) between the two musicians.

The software used in this demo is an alpha version of (still unreleased) network mixing software which uses Connector as the communication system between the two locations.

You can achieve the same results
with the Connector plug-in (product page) in your DAW

Full tutorial with Connector

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