Introducing Re-Guitar, The Pickup, Body and Acoustic Simulation Plug-In

The Re-Guitar plug-in is now available, check it out!

With the new Re-Guitar plug-in, you can emulate many kinds of guitar tones (electric or acoustic), regardless of the solid body guitar model used for recording. You can replace your pickups or dig the body on the fly, without the need to touch your guitar!
– Built-in single coil pickups: single hot, vintage, modern, active, tele, neck+mid, bridge+mid, P90, P90J.
– Built-in humbucker pickups: vintage, classic, ricky, modern, rails, bright, wide, wide(jazz), jazz box.
– Built-in piezo & acoustic guitars: solid body piezo, acoustic sim pedals, modern & vintage dreadnought, jumbo, mini jumbo, 000, small.

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