Getting Started With Audio Plug-Ins Prototyping

Wondering how to get started with Plug’n Script and write your first audio processing script? Check out this tutorial, brought to you by MA Audio!

This is a really basic tutorial on how to use Plug’n Script for audio plugin prototyping. I have created a simple script for you to build your script on. It’s available on github.

Plug’n Script is an ideal solution to create your own audio or MIDI plug-ins without having to deal with the complexity of large frameworks. It lets you focus on the development of your algorithms and create the user interface easily with the KUIML language. No need to spend ages learning the specifics of each platform. Plug’n Script has already done it for you!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started With Audio Plug-Ins Prototyping

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my video! I plan on making more Plug’n Script videos in the future, so if anybody is interested in more specific and detailed tutorials check out my channel and comment what you want to see next!

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