Everything You Need To Know About the MB-7 Mixer

Blue Cat’s’MB-7 Mixer is one of our most feature-rich plug-in: it combines multiband processing, third party plug-ins hosting, mid/side processing, side chain support, MIDI and automation generation, multiple instances  communication and more…

That’s quite a lot of power into your hands, and lot to learn if you want to make the best out of it!

Our partner Groove3 has accepted the challenge to teach you how to use most of the features of the plug-in in their comprehensive MB-7 Mixer Tutorial. And we must say we are impressed: Eli Kranzberg covers it all, and yet it sounds really simple!

Even the free introduction video that gives an overview of the plug-in is worth spending 4 minutes. Experienced users might find out that they have missed some features that will help improve their workflow. If you have never used the plug-in, this will undoubtedly make you want to try it.

So check it out, it’s on groove3.com and it’s the most comprehensive tutorial about the Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer plug-in.

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