Significant Updates Announced at NAMM / Previews Available

We are happy to announce significant free updates for 6 plug-ins! Blue Cat’s DynamicsProtectorFreqAnalyst MultiStereoScope Multi, Oscilloscope Multi and DP Meter Pro will be demoed on our booth (#16300) at NAMM this week.

If you are a registered customer, check out the preview versions that are already available on the full versions download pages (link received by email upon purchase)! Continue reading

Guitar Tone Matching With Blue Cat’s Destructor – EVH

There are many ways to match the tone of your favorite guitar players with your own gear.

Here is Hans Van Even‘s method, using Blue Cat’s Destructor to mimic Eddie Van Halen’s famous guitar tone, also known as the “brown sound”. Watch out! Sick guitar shredding inside!

Update: Hans’ EVH preset for Blue Cat’s Destructor (compatible with all plug-ins formats) and the Cubase session of the tutorial are now available for download. Check them out!


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Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack: The New Bundle for Creative Minds

Blue Cat's Crafters PackThe release of Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script 2.0 is also the opportunity for us to unleash a new bundle: Blue Cat’s Crafters Pack.

This bundle combines our most powerful tools to customize your virtual studio and build the ultimate audio toolbox: yours.

Let’s have a look at its content and what it can be used for! Continue reading

Eating our own Cat food: self sanity check passed!

There is nothing like eating your own dog cat food and use the tools that you sell for your own work.

Blue Cat' MB-7 Mixer crossovers check

Testing Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer V2’s crossovers curves with Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi

So we have decided to take benefit from Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer’s new ability to host VST plug-ins, in order to test its crossover curves, using Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi.

We have simply added an instance of Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi on each band, and set them up to analyze the instant frequency response with maximal resolution.

Then a white noise signal was sent into the MB-7 Mixer plug-in. The reading on the FreqAnalyst Multi plug-in now simply shows the spectral response of the crossover filters, which exactly matches the one displayed on the Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer plug-in.

Nice, isn’t it?