PatchWork vs MB-7 Mixer: Why you want BOTH!

Still Wondering which one is best for you?

All right, so now that you have read our post and tried both Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer and Blue Cat’s PatchWork, and you are still wondering which one to pick up?

Here is the answer: don’t bother, and pick up both! Want to know why? Read below!

They Are Different

As explained here, both plug-ins are very different, so there is no reason why one would replace the other. So if you are still hesitating, that’s because you need both! 🙂

They Can Extend Each Other

Blue Cat’s PatchWork Inside Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer: an extension of existing plug-in slots.

If you need parallel processing or an individual “Mix” control for each plug-in within your multi band setup, you can simply use Blue Cat’s PatchWork inside one or more bands of Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer, and here you go: multi band VST processing with parallel chains and dry/wet control!

Since windows layout is kept and restored when closing/opening Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer, the inserted PatchWorks are just an extension of the MB-7 Mixer’s plug-in slots.

Adding PRE and POST plug-ins slots to Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer


On the other hand, you may also want to use Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer within Blue Cat’s PatchWork to apply spectral effects as part of a more complex chain. Also, if you are missing PRE and POST spectrum splitting effects in Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer, you can get them easily with such a mixed configuration!

They Are Interoperable

In addition to be able to instantiate one into another, both plug-ins can also co-operate: for example, you can copy or transfer a plug-in and its settings from one to the other:

Copy a plug-in and its settings from Blue Cat's PatchWork
Copy a plug-in and its settings from Blue Cat’s PatchWork…
… And Paste it into Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer

So it’s pretty easy to switch from one plug-in to the other (if you don’t have hundreds of plug-ins in there of course…): you can transfer effects chains from one plug-in to the other with just a few clicks!

And best of all, it also works if both plug-ins are hosted in different applications, in different plug-ins formats!

Ready to go, or still not convinced? Go try the demos!

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