MacOS 10.14 Mojave Compatibility

We are glad to announce that our software is compatible with MacOS 10.14 “Mojave”.

Although we usually do not recommend upgrading your production machine until Apple’s system is fully debugged and compatible with your host applications and various plug-ins, you should not have major problems using our software with this new version today, with a few limitations in dark mode (see below for more details).

Limitations and Known Issues with Dark Mode

We have not found any issue when running MacOS Mojave in “Light” mode. There are however some limitations with our software when the system runs in dark mode:

  • The standalone versions will still display light colors, even when the system is in Dark Mode (Apple requires an update of applications to allow dark mode).
  • If loaded inside an application running in dark mode, our plug-ins will not display their settings window properly (but there is still no audio app compatible with dark mode so far…). There is no such problem in light mode.
  • For the same reason, Blue Cat’s Plug’n Script export window is not available when loaded in a application running in dark mode.

We will be working on updates in the coming weeks to remove these limitations, but they should not prevent you from running our software on Mac OS Mojave.


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