Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 is Here!

Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 is now available! Our ultra flexible all-in-one dynamics processor has been completely redesigned for this new version:

The algorithms have been entirely re-written, and the plug-in has now a brand new, fully customizable user interface, plus lots of new features and enhancements: external side chain support, premium visual feedback with large envelopes view and gain reduction histograms, new parameters to control the depth of the processor as well as the shape of the envelope, a new presets manager, new MIDI and automation mapping capabilities, and much more

If the plug-in is not part of your collection yet, please check our overview video or download and try the demo: you can purchase Blue Cat’s Dynamics 4.0 with 33% discount until July 15th!

The upgrade is free for users who have purchased the Dynamics plug-in in the past 3 months, and others will receive an offer by email to upgrade for a small fee.

Additional discounts apply to other existing Blue Cat Audio customers, so please check your emails!

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