Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ Pack
"Maximum equalizing power"


Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ Pack - Professional Parametric Equalizer Plug-ins Bundle (VST, AU, RTAS, DX)

Check this special offer for the three Parametr'EQ plug-ins: enjoy the power of this WYSIWYG parametric equalizer under all its forms: Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ, Stereo Parametr'EQ, and Widening Parametr'EQ audio plugins are bundled here together for maximum equalizing power.

Mac OS X 10.7+32/64-bit Universal BinaryWindows Vista or newerWindows x64 (64-bit)VSTAAX64-bit AAXAudio UnitRTASDirectX
Price: 99 EUR or $99 (tax incl.)
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Platforms: Mac-AAX / Mac-AU / Mac-RTAS / Mac-VST / Win-AAX / Win-DX / Win-RTAS / Win-VST / Win x64-AAX / Win x64-DX / Win x64-VST

For more information about the 3 products included in this bundle, see the list below.

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Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ

Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ - WYSIWYG Parametric Equalizer Plugin (VST, AU, RTAS, DX)

"The best of both worlds" - Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric equalizer combining the advantages of both the digital and analog worlds. Its special non-linear and oversampling features let you easily simulate the compression and distortion that may occur in an analog EQ or on the contrary obtain a very clean and transparent digital EQ. T...[Read More...]

Last updated: 2014/03/20

Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ

Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ - WYSIWYG Two Channels Parametric Equalizer Plugin (VST, AU, RTAS, DX)

"The best of both worlds, in stereo!" - Blue Cat's Stereo Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric stereo equalizer based on Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ technology, providing the best of the analog and digital worlds in stereo. This stereo plug-in enables you to manage separately the left and right equalizer settings and keep an eye on both frequency responses thanks to...[Read More...]

Last updated: 2014/03/20

Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ

Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ - WYSIWYG Mid-Side Parametric Equalizer Plug-in (VST, AU, RTAS, DX)

"A powerful multi-band processor for stereo widening and narrowing" - Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric Mid-Side equalizer based on Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ algorithms, enabling you to widen or narrow the frequencies of your choice. This special 'widening' version offers two independent equalizers for the mid and side channels with instant frequency response display. But ...[Read More...]

Last updated: 2014/03/20


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User Comments & Reviews

These EQs sound really good. Really.

With oversampling engaged this might be my favorite hishelf boost on any software EQ I've tried. I've found myself getting away with doing boosts I'd never have expected to even attempt with other EQ's and having them sound great with the parametric EQ.

Oh and the skin opacity? How awesome is that feature? I never even released how useful a feature like that could even be until I started using it.

These are great EQ's! - Christopher Reis

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