LetiMix Custom Skin Add-On For Plug’n Script: Tutorial

Did you know that LetiMix had created a custom skin to make custom plugin development with Plug’n Script even easier? Here is a tutorial that shows the main features that this custom skin adds to our plug-in.

You can get this custom skin for Plug’n Script here: https://letimix.com/pns-skin

This is a tutorial for Letimix Customizable Skin for Plug’n Script by Blue Cat Audio. It supports Plug’n Script versions 3.2 and up and includes a lot of improvements, new features, and workflow enhancements.

Note: we are not affiliated with LetiMix in any way. This is third party add-on tool that adds features to the Plug’n Script plug-in. It was entirely developed with KUIML, our user interface description language.

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