Significant Updates Announced at NAMM / Previews Available

We are happy to announce significant free updates for 6 plug-ins! Blue Cat’s DynamicsProtectorFreqAnalyst MultiStereoScope Multi, Oscilloscope Multi and DP Meter Pro will be demoed on our booth (#16300) at NAMM this week.

If you are a registered customer, check out the preview versions that are already available on the full versions download pages (link received by email upon purchase)! Continue reading

Controlling the Maximum Audio Level with Blue Cat’s Protector

Blue Cat’s Protector is a 0 dB brickwall limiter, but did you know that you could actually set a ceiling value and adjust the maximum peak level of a mix?

First, insert the plug-in on your master channel. Then adjust the input gain and knee value so that the plug-in starts limiting just a little bit (no more than a few dBs) for peaks (not continuously).

You can now adjust the output gain that is actually the maximum peak value allowed by the plug-in (since it limits to 0 dB right before the post gain stage):

-0.3 dB Ceiling using Blue Cat's Protector

-0.3 dB Ceiling with Blue Cat’s Protector

The plug-in guarantees that the peak value of the output signal is limited to this ceiling value, hence its name!