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Create Your Own User Interface
Create Your Own User Interface

Skinning Tutorial

You want to create skins for yourself or to share them with the users community? It's very simple! Skinnable plug-ins are delivered with several skins inside. You can start with one of them and modify it to do your own.

Read the KUIML language user manual (download as chm), download the tutorial samples and you are ready to go!

KUIML is a simple yet powerful programming language: you do not need to be a programmer or a graphics designer to create a skin that suits your needs. Get started and post your skin when it's ready! Join the designers who have already uploaded skins for our Download Skins page.

All Blue Cat Audio Plug-ins are created With Blue Cat's Skinning Language (KUIML) Alternative Skins for Blue Cat Audio Software
An example of what you can do with Blue Cat's Skinning Language. See more examples here.


Main features of the KUIML engine:

  • Alpha channel support for tranparency & compositing.
  • Multi layers support.
  • Advanced Layout capabilities: automated widgets layout or pixel-positioning, dynamic layout.
  • Define and reuse your own custom widgets.
  • Add interactivity with custom scripts.


Here are a few more pointers to help you getting started with skin design:

  • The GIMP, a free image manipulation program.
  • Pov Ray, a free 3D Ray tracer.
  • IrfanView, a free software for simple image operations.
  • Notepad 2, a free Notepad-like text editor with XML syntax highlighting.
  • XML Viewer, a free software which makes XML editing more than easy for non-programmers.
  • SkinMan and KnobMan, utilities to create skins graphics.

Share Your Skins

Now that you have created your own skins, share them with the community!