Free Plug-Ins for Commercial Use?

freepluginsWe are often asked this question: “May I use your free plug-ins for my commercial audio project?”.

So we thought it was worth clarifying: the answer is YES, do use them!

These plug-ins are fully free, with no limitation of any kind (just don’t claim that you have built them, and don’t sell them…).

Also, they do not require any account creation, email registration or newsletter subscription: they are simply FREE, that’s it :-).


Blue Cat’s Freeware Pack for PowerPC (PPC) Still Available

Did you know that the older Freeware Pack 1.x is still available for download?


We are often asked about older versions of our free plug-ins that would work with PowerPCs (Mac) or non SSE2 processors (Windows). We have made the older installers available, in case you would need them for your old rig!


Blue Cat’s Freeware Pack 1.x downloads (Archive)


We are not providing support for these versions anymore. If you want the latest, fully supported freeware plug-ins pack, it’s here!