Significant Updates Announced at NAMM / Previews Available

We are happy to announce significant free updates for 6 plug-ins! Blue Cat’s DynamicsProtectorFreqAnalyst MultiStereoScope Multi, Oscilloscope Multi and DP Meter Pro will be demoed on our booth (#16300) at NAMM this week.

If you are a registered customer, check out the preview versions that are already available on the full versions download pages (link received by email upon purchase)! Continue reading

Store Update: USD / EUR / VAT Made Simple

One Single Price for All

With the increase of individuals purchasing on our store and since the USD/EUR rate is now getting close to 1, we have decided to simplify the shopping experience on the bluecataudio store: all prices are now identical in USD and EUR, and wherever you live in the EU (VAT is included in the fixed public price).

Prices Remain Almost the Same

These modifications might induce very small price changes compared to the previous policy, depending on the products and your country of residence, but there is no major impact on pricing, don’t worry!

Of course, if you are a business within the EU (and outside of France), VAT can still be deduced upon purchase.


A Blue Cat Audio Plug-In On CNBC

Find of the day: Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro has been spotted on a CNBC commercial!

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro on CNBC

Of course, it’s not a paid product placement for subliminal advertising 😉 – it looks like it was simply used by a drums manufacturer in the show to analyze the response of their products.

Thanks to RealHomeRecording for the heads up! You can check it out here (around 2:12-2:13).

New Payment Solution in Place

The new Payment System on

The New Payment System on

We are glad to announce that we have just put in place a new payment solution to improve your shopping experience on

With this new solution, you can choose to pay via PayPal or Credit Card, whatever your country of residence (there used to be limitations in some countries on Credit Cards with the former solution).

As a reminder: we do not store credit card information or passwords on our website. All transactions are securely processed by our payment services provider.

Once the payment has been processed, you will receive your invoice and license information by email, so please make sure that your email address is valid!

If you haven’t received any news from us within an hour, our emails were probably blocked by a spam filter. Please contact us so that it can be resent from another server.

It looks like it’s now time for you to check our December Deals!

December Deals, Starting Today!

Tired of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Rush?plugins

We bet you are! That’s why we have decided to offer you something completely different to celebrate the end of the year: december deals have just started on our store!

You have a whole month to give a try to our software and decide to buy it or not. No rush, no hurry, no stress…

You can take your time and purchase what you really need and like! With december deals, it’s up to 50% off, during the entire month!

There is no hurry, but don’t miss the date: December deals end on December 31st! 🙂

Even Better Deals for Existing Customers

So you are an existing customer? You have just purchased our software a few days ago? Don’t worry! You’ll be granted an even better deal: existing Blue Cat Audio customers before this announcement are being sent emails with an additional 20% discount on existing deals!

Enjoy your holiday season!


Note: emailing can take a few days, so don’t panic if the email is not in your e-mailbox yet. If you have not received our email at the end of this week, feel free to contact us!