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Blue Cat Audio Unveils Axiom V2 Software - Redefining Guitar and Bass Amp Simulation (2023/09/12)
Blue Cat Audio Unveils Axiom V2 Software - Redefining Guitar and Bass Amp Simulation (2023/09/12)


Blue Cat Audio Unveils Axiom V2 Software: Redefining Guitar and Bass Amp Simulation

Paris, France 2023/09/12: Blue Cat Audio ( ) is proud to announce the release of Blue Cat's Axiom V2, a significant evolution of its open multi effects processor and amp simulation software for guitar and bass, bridging the gap between beginners seeking simplicity and advanced users craving expanded capabilities.

Axiom V2, previously unveiled earlier this year at NAMM, features a completely redesigned graphical user interface (GUI), including a new "EZ Mode", new 3D HD graphics and powerful macro controls. It offers seamless direct-to-disk recording and playback, a revamped DSP engine for more realistic tones, a new collection of full-rig presets rebuilt from the ground up, new tones for acoustic and piezo-equipped guitars, and an expanded range of built-in effects, among many other notable improvements (full change list below).

Blue Cat's Axiom presents a different perspective on guitar and bass amp simulation with effects. It provides musicians with a wide range of tools to shape their desired tone without limitations: it can literally simulate an infinite number of amps and pedals, and the platform supports seamless expansion with third-party plug-ins, alongside a comprehensive collection of in-built effects.

Axiom is available as both a standalone application and a plug-in (compatible with VST, VST3, AAX, and Audio Unit) for both Mac and Windows. Users can purchase it individually or as part of the Axe Pack software bundle, which includes Blue Cat Audio's complete range of guitar-related software, totaling nine products.

For a limited time, Axiom V2 is available at a special 20% discount until October 12th, with an additional discount offered to loyal Blue Cat Audio customers (details received by email). Customers who acquired Axiom V1 in 2023 are entitled to a free upgrade to this new version and others can upgrade to V2 for a small fee. To explore the unique capabilities offered by Axiom, a free demo version of the application and plug-in is available for download on

What's New in Axiom V2:
- Introducing "EZ mode", a customizable view that streamlines access to main controls, ideal for live gigs and quick tone adjustments.
- New 3D HD graphics offer a plethora of styles for amps, pedals, and custom macro controls.
- Create your unique amps and pedals with the new rack designer, offering a vast selection of knobs, backgrounds, faceplates, and handles. (over 200 000 styles available).
- Assign specific colors to each pedal/plug-in (also visible on the EZ View footswitches).
- Simplified macro control editing, featuring drag-and-drop reordering, file-based load/save assignments, and copy/paste functionality.
- Each Axiom preset now forms a complete rig with multiple pedals and easily controllable macro parameters for the EZ view.
- New built-in input mute control (no need for a plug-in anymore).
- One-click recording of the application's output to a file.
- Seamlessly play over backing tracks with the new built-in audio player, supporting wav, mp3, and flac formats.
- Drag and drop audio files directly into plug-in slots to open the audio player.

- Incorporates the Destructor 2.0 non-linear processing engine, featuring enhanced simulations, new filters, and precise control over drive parameter behavior.
- Complete redesign of all guitar and bass amps or pedal models based on the new Destructor V2 engine.
- Brand new high gain guitar tones, rebuilt from the ground up.
- Adjusted EQ frequencies and bandwidth for all guitar and bass amps to emulate real world amps behavior.
- Select amps and pedals EQ position in the signal chain (before or after distortion), and simulate a wider range of gear.
- Access a multitude of new effects, including over 100 shortcuts to built-in effects and presets.
- Plug-ins oversampling now available, reducing aliasing (up to 16x). Warning: some third party plug-ins may not support higher sampling rates properly.

- Includes Re-Guitar 1.3 with piezo input support.
- New factory presets for acoustic guitars and piezo-equipped electric guitars.
- New amp and preamp models for acoustic guitars.

- New EZ View pedalboard footswitches that automatically map to loaded plug-ins in order, regardless of the slots used.
- New BASS, MID, TREBLE controls for Destructor EQ following whichever EQ is selected (Pre or Post)
- Axiom can now use its own parameters in macro controls, mixed together with loaded plug-ins parameters.
- Synchronize multiple MIDI controllers: when "all channels" (0) is used for MIDI input control and "send MIDI events when parameters values change" is active, the plug-in now sends MIDI events to all other channels to update other controllers.
- Locking MIDI control in Axiom (preventing MIDI control settings to be changed when loading presets) now also preserves MIDI control locks for the amps when set.

- Improved graphical user interface performance, particularly on Mac.
- Enhanced resampling when the plug-in starts streaming audio as a network server with Connector.
- Several undo/redo issues resolved.
- Macro LEARN mode is now disabled automatically when the Params Map Editor is closed.
- AAX plug-in now reports the recording status to hosted plug-ins (in recent versions of Pro Tools that support it).
- Updated parameters layout for GUI-less plug-ins, accommodating those with multiple parameters.
- GUI-less plug-ins generic editor now follows Axiom's zoom level.
- Reduced plug-in loading time.
- Fixed a crash when opening the editor of a VST2 GUI-less plug-in that uses non-unicode encoding in its parameters (piz-midi plug-ins).
- Fixed plug-in slot menu issues when loading plug-ins with over 22380 parameters on Windows.
- Ableton Live 11: Fixed VST3 MIDI input not detected.
- Fixed stuck notes with some VST3 instruments.
- Fixed some VST3 instruments producing no sound (e.g. Toontrack instruments).
- Fixed VST plug-in version crash upon load when user default preset uses an impulse response in the amp simulator.
- Fully compatible with Axiom V1.

System requirements:
- Apple Silicon or Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.9 or newer.
- PC running Windows Vista or newer.

Blue Cat's Axiom: $199 or 199 EUR instead of 249 (20% off until October 12th)
Blue Cat's Axe Pack: $349 or 349 EUR instead of 399 (15% off until October 12th)


Included screenshots: