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Blue Cat Audio Releases Re-Head - a new head response plug-in for headphones (2020/05/12)
Blue Cat Audio Releases Re-Head - a new head response plug-in for headphones (2020/05/12)


Blue Cat Audio Releases Re-Head - a new head response plug-in for headphones

Paris, France 2020/05/12: Blue Cat Audio ( ) just released Re-Head, a brand new plug-in created to make using headphones easier for musicians and audio professionals.

Listening through headphones gives a distinctly different experience compared to listening through studio monitors. Furthermore, prolonged use of headphones can be fatiguing. These are the problems that Blue Cat Audio has sought to solve with Re-Head.

The Re-Head plug-in is based around a unique 'head response' model that simulates the way the listener's head affects the audio coming from the studio monitors. To create a simulated acoustic space Re-Head also uses stereo processing to avoid the hard-panned sound associated with listening on headphones, a spectrum analyzer, EQ - and you can even add an impulse response representation of your own mixing room.

Re-Head will create a mixing room experience when using headphones. It's also useful for musicians while recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnaturally in-your-face in a headphone mix.

Re-Head can not replace studio monitors, but rather make the transition from speakers to headphones and vice versa less dramatic.

Main features:
- "Head response" model: get a more natural tone when working with headphones.
- Adjust the position and the angle between the virtual speakers.
- Adjust the brightness.
- Built-in EQ and spectrum analyzer.
- Impulse response (IR) loader to mimic your listening room.
- Frequency compensation for a number of popular mixing headphones.Flip the left and right channels.
- Zero latency.

System requirements:
- Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.7 or newer.
- PC running Windows Vista or newer.


Introductory price: €/$34 until June 14th
Full price: €/$49

Included screenshots: