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Blue Cat Audio Announces 3 New Plug-Ins And A Major Update for Axiom at NAMM (2020/01/14)
Blue Cat Audio Announces 3 New Plug-Ins And A Major Update for Axiom at NAMM (2020/01/14)


Blue Cat Audio Announces 3 New Plug-Ins And A Major Update for Axiom at NAMM

Anaheim, California 2020/01/14: Blue Cat Audio ( ) is announcing three brand new audio plug-ins and an update for Blue Cat's Axiom, their "in the box" multi-effects processor for guitar and bass.

Blue Cat's AcouFiend is an acoustic feedback simulator plug-in for guitar and other instruments: it can either simulate natural sounding and responsive feedback, or generate more unusual and creative harmonies, thanks to its advanced controls and transposition capabilities: AcouFiend can make a guitar scream at low volume or on headphones, sound like a virtual bow or a sustainer, and also add smooth background harmonies to keyboards or vocal tracks.

Blue Cat's Re-Head aims at re-creating the missing response of the head when working on headphones: have you noticed how un-natural music can sound thru headphones, compared to speakers? It is because the head and ears are missing in the signal path between the speakers and the brain. With Re-Head, it is now possible to get a more natural sounding tone with headphones, even when recording instruments such as distorted guitars (that usually sound awful) or monitoring mixes with hard-panned tracks.

Blue Cat's Hot Tuna is a high precision tuner plug-in that can dim or mute the signal when active, an indispensable feature in a live rig. Its reference frequency can also be tweaked when non-standard tuning is needed.

The upcoming Axiom 1.4 update will include Blue Cat's Hot Tuna as a built-in plug-in, and new user interfaces with a new stomp-box look and feel for all other 42 built-in effects.

The new software will be demoed at the Winter NAMM Show this week on booth #16300, and all 4 products are expected to be released later this quarter. The update to Axiom 1.4 will be free for registered customers.

Blue Cat's AcouFiend Main Features:
- Acoustic feedback simulator.
- Total control over the feedback: adjust the rise and fall time, the sensitivity to pitch and amplitude changes, and the generated harmonic.
- Supports chords.
- Limit the range of notes that can produce feedback.
- Transpose the feedback signal to create harmonies.

Blue Cat's Re-Head Main Features:
- "Head response" simulation plug-in.
- Adjust the position and the angle between the virtual speakers.
- Adjust the brightness.
- Built-in EQ and impulse response (IR) loader to tweak the frequency response, and compensate headphones.
- Flip left and right ears.

Blue Cat's Hot Tuna Main Features:
- High precision tuner plug-in.
- Adjust the reference frequency from 430Hz to 450 Hz.
- Dim or mute the signal when active.
- Processing performed in the background, not impacting real time audio.

What's New in Blue Cat's Axiom 1.4:
- New built-in plug-in: Hot Tuna.
- New graphical user interface with stomp boxes look and feel for built-in effects.
- Free Update for registered customers.


Included screenshots: