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Blue Cat Audio Announces Significant Updates for Audio Analysis And Dynamics Processing Plug-Ins (2019/01/22)
Blue Cat Audio Announces Significant Updates for Audio Analysis And Dynamics Processing Plug-Ins (2019/01/22)


Blue Cat Audio Announces Significant Updates for Audio Analysis & Dynamics Processing Plug-Ins at NAMM

Anaheim, California 2019/01/22: Blue Cat Audio ( ) is announcing significant updates for its dynamics processing and audio analysis plug-ins.

The user interface of the Blue Cat's Dynamics and Protector plug-ins have been fully redesigned (see attached screenshots), and the appearance of the analysis plug-ins has also been refreshed. All plug-ins are now fully zoomable to adapt to the size of the screen.

The two dynamics processor now offer a lookahead function to anticipate volume changes and react faster, and the Dynamics plug-in is now interoperable with the recently updated MB-5 Dynamics multiband plug-in.

The updated StereoScope Multi and FreqAnalyst Multi plug-ins perform most of the computations in the background, freeing up resources for other real time audio tasks.

The new versions of the plug-ins will be demoed at the Winter NAMM Show this week on booth #16300, and are expected for release in Q1 2019. Updates will be free for existing customers, and preview versions are already available for existing customers using the link received by email upon purchase.

What's New in All Previews:
- Refreshed GUI design, with improved usability and touchscreen support.
- The GUI can now be zoomed from 70% to 200%.
- Lock GUI state to prevent changes when loading presets.
- Last loaded preset is now remembered in session and displayed in the presets menu.
- Plug-in state can now be reverted to the last loaded preset.
- Now supports retina displays on Mac (text and graphs using high resolution).
- Mac: new installer.
- Mac: fixed minor compatibility issues with Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave.
- Dropped support for Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 and earlier.
- Dropped support for legacy DirectX plug-in format.

What's New in Blue Cat's Dynamics Preview:
- Save and reload dynamics curves as presets and share them with the MB-5 Dynamix plug-in.
- New lookahead function for the dynamics section.
- New brickwall limiter with lookahead.
- link makeup gain with pre-gain to compensate level changes.
- new presets

What's New in Blue Cat's Protector Preview:
- New lookahead function to reduce distortion when used as a loudness booster.
- Mono tracks support.

What's New in StereoScope Multi and FreqAnalyst Multi Previews:
- audio analysis is now performed in the background and does not affect audio performance.

System requirements:
- Intel Mac running Mac OS 10.7 or newer.
- PC running Windows Vista or newer.


Included screenshots: