Blue Cat's Destructor Presets
Blue Cat's Destructor - Distortion and Amp Sim Plug-In (VST, AU, AAX, VST3)

You will find here some custom presets to use with the Blue Cat's Destructor product.

To use a preset bank, download the file, unzip it and then select the unzipped preset in your plug-in user interface (check this tutorial or your user manual for more information).

Brian's Rhapsody

Download 'Brian's Rhapsody' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: A preset to match Brian May's unique lead guitar tone in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody ".
Demo video: Brian's Rhapshody demo.
The preset was designed for a bridge position humbucker pickup. You may need to remove some treble in the preamp section if using single coils.
Author: Hans Van Even

Fluff Dad Chugs

Download 'Fluff Dad Chugs' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: A heavy distortion preset for guitar, as demoed in Ryan's Destructor Video.
Author: Ryan Bruce (aka "Fluff")

Hans' Metal Pack

Download 'Hans' Metal Pack' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: Modern Metal Presets for Destructor. Audio demos available here.
Author: Hans Van Even

Knopfler News

Download 'Knopfler News' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: Inspired by Mark Knopfler's on Dire Straits' "News".
Demo video: Knopfler News tone demo.
This preset uses a lot of compression - you may need to adjust the input level to your guitar and playing.
Author: Hans Van Even

EVH - Really Got Me

Download 'EVH - Really Got Me' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: Eddie Van Halen's legendary brown sound matched from Van Halen's "You Really Got Me", as explained in this guitar tone matching video.
Demo videos: EVH Eruption demo / EVH Mean Street Demo.
Author: Hans Van Even

VTM Djent

Download 'VTM Djent' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: "Djent" style preset.
Demo video: VTM Djent tone demo
Author: VTM

Whole Lotta Destructor

Download 'Whole Lotta Destructor' presetsProduct: Destructor
Description: 4 presets that mimic Jimmy Page's legendary guitar tones in Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love".
Demo videos: Lead tone demo / Rhythm tone demo.
Author: Hans Van Even

Want to Share Yours?

If you have some presets you want to share with the community, please contact us: export your presets using the plugin export function, and send them to us together with a description, a title and your name. Once validated, the presets will be published on this website. For more information about how to export the presets in the appropriate format, please check this Presets Export tutorial.