Network Connection Troubleshooting Guide

If you are trying to connect two applications thru the network, you may have connection issues for multiple reasons. Here is a quick summary of what you should check to troubleshoot connection issues with Connector or Fader Hub over a network:

- check that the the sender and receiver instances use the same port.
- check that the IP address set in the sender is the address of the receiver machine.
- check that there is no firewall active on either machine, or that the app hosting connector is authorized to receive connections.
- if you are connecting thru the Internet, makes sure that uPnP forwarding is on and that there is no error. If there is an error, try different port numbers in different ranges (400, 8000, more than 16300 or more than 32500). If it still does not work, check that your router supports the uPnP IG protocol. If it does not, forward the ports manually, as explained here.
- if the sender shows that it is connected, but the receiver says "NOT CONNECTED", you have to make sure audio is running thru the receiving instance (usually by activating "input monitoring" on the track of the receiving instance so that audio and/or MIDI goes thru it).