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Blue Cat Audio Announces Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.0 and MB-7 Mixer 3.0 at NAMM (2017/01/19)
Blue Cat Audio Announces Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.0 and MB-7 Mixer 3.0 at NAMM (2017/01/19)

Blue Cat Audio Announces Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.0 and MB-7 Mixer 3.0 at NAMM (2017/01/19)


Blue Cat Audio Announces Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.0 and MB-7 Mixer 3.0 at NAMM

Los Angeles, USA, 2017/01/19: Blue Cat Audio ( ) will be announcing Blue Cat's PatchWork 2.0 and MB-7 Mixer 3.0 at NAMM, the next generation of their audio plug-ins that have been hosting third party plug-ins since 2013.

With brand new user interface designs, dozens of new features streamlining the workflow, improved third party plug-ins support and audio routing, these new versions will be revealed at NAMM on booth #6242 and will be publicly available for purchase in the first quarter of 2017.

About Blue Cat's PatchWork: available as a plug-in or standalone application, it is a "universal plug-ins patchbay" that can host up to 64 third party audio plug-ins, patching them in parallel or series to create chains of effects or virtual instruments that can be reused in any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

About Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer: this unique plug-in splits the signal into several frequency bands (up to 7) and lets you remix and process them as if they were separate audio tracks, including the ability to load up to 4 third party plug-ins per band and thus transform any regular plug-in into a frequency-aware multiband processor.

New features for both plug-ins:
- Brand new GUI design, with improved usability and touchscreen support.
- Favorite plug-ins and their settings can be saved to be quickly reloaded later from a menu.
- Unused channels for each hosted plug-in can now be muted (instead of default pass-thru).
- Load/save native VST, VST3 or AU preset files.
- Missing VST & VST3 plug-ins are now automatically relocated.
- Presets and parameters menus are now split in sub menus instead of a single list.
- Additional user VST path to locate VST plug-ins is now available.
- Fully compatible with previous versions.

New for Blue Cat's PatchWork:
- Hide plug-ins slots to minimize the plug-in.
- Lock GUI state and in/out gain to prevent changes when loading presets.
- Output gain is now always active, even when using a single PRE column.
- Exclusive solo mode for parallel chains.
- Show or hide all plug-ins editors with single click.
- Standalone application: drag and drop preset files on the application to load preset instantly on startup (and create shortcuts to launch app with a specific preset).

New for Blue Cat's MB-7 Mixer
- Copy/paste and save band settings (including plug-ins) as sub-presets.
- Map sub plug-ins parameters to automate them in host or control them with MIDI.
- Lock GUI state to prevent changes when loading presets.
- Band Controls Groups can now be identified by colors.
- Adjust contrast for spectrogram display.
- Spectrogram now keeps history when resized.
- Import spectrum curves for EQ compare & matching, and export EQ curves to share with other Blue Cat Audio plug-ins.

Availability: Q1 2017

Included pictures: