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Blue Cat's Plug'n Script Presets
Blue Cat's Plug'n Script Presets
Blue Cat's Plug'n Script - Scriptable audio / MIDI effects processor and virtual instrument

You will find here some custom presets to use with the Blue Cat's Plug'n Script product.

To use a preset bank, download the file, unzip it and then select the unzipped preset in your plug-in user interface (check this tutorial or your user manual for more information).

Auto Talkback

Download 'Auto Talkback' presetsProduct: Plug'n Script
Description: This script will act like a talkback Control based on the Transport in the host application. If it is in play, the talkback will close. If transport is stopped, it will be open.
Author: Sreejesh

Musical Entropy Pack

Download 'Musical Entropy Pack' presetsProduct: Plug'n Script
Description: A large collection of presets and dsp scripts: delays, modulation effects, distortions, filters...
Author: musicalentropy

Want to Share Yours?

If you have some presets you want to share with the community, please contact us: export your presets using the plugin export function, and send them to us together with a description, a title and your name. Once validated, the presets will be published on this website. For more information about how to export the presets in the appropriate format, please check this Tutorial - tutorial.